Question about Zellies Gum

Dear Dr. Ellie: 

Hi, I just ordered some Zellies gum and was wondering if it’s OK to chew with braces? I’m an adult who recently got braces, and currently I chew B-Fresh gum without a problem because it’s not sticky. I was wondering if you’ve heard of others with braces who chew Zellies and whether has a tendency to stick to braces or not. 


Dear H,

Zellies gum is not sticky so if you have already tried some gum with success, I would imagine that you will be fine with Zellies gum also.

I have a couple of people with braces who have reported to me that it was fine for them.

If you do decide to try it I would appreciate feedback so that I can put this data together to help others. Zellies mints provide another alterternative for people with braces.

I do hope you have considered trying my Complete Mouth Care System rinsing for oral health.
Details are on the website and this system can really help to keep your mouth clean when conditions are difficult.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,
Ellie Phillips
Dental Health for Everyone!
26, Corporate Woods
Rochester NY 14623

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