Kid’s Teeth – and Update

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Hello again, I wanted to give you an update on our young son. He refuses to chew gum or suck on any Xylitol candies, so his mom and I are cleaning his teeth 3 times daily with Xylitol granular crystals. We do this especially before nap and bedtime and then swipe his teeth with the ACTS bubblegum rinse. We have also been using after every bit of food and drink, water included, SPRY’s RAIN it is Xylitol and purified water mouth spray. Will this be enough to continue caring for his teeth? They are looking really good. Also, his mom had started using Xylitol, and when she went in for her cleaning, they told her there was nothing to clean. Her teeth were in excellent condition. 


Dear NT,

So nice to hear this great news!
You are doing so well and I think you will love the outcome in a couple of years when your son starts to grow new adult teeth! I want a picture of this handsome young man when he grows up!

I would encourage you to keep up the good work eating xylitol yourselves and the cleaning of your son’s teeth. Remember toothbrushes become infected very easily use Listerine to wash them off and then rinse and dry as often as you can. If guests come to stay or if you travel, make sure your toothbrushes are kept clean and do not pick up bad bacteria in a travel bag etc.

Thanks for the E-mail,

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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