Dear Dr. Ellie You mentioned you don’t floss. It is ok to floss? I don’t like the feel of food in my teeth and floss daily before bedtime? Thanks, MM

Dear MM

People often try to cure dental disease by flossing.They rarely, if ever, succeed.
So as long as you are not relying on flossing to cure dental disease, flossing itself is not a problem.

I prefer to have people rely on a system of mouth rinses and xylitol which will keep their gums healthy year after year. With correct and regular use of this system, flossing no longer seems to be necessary for oral health. Of course, you can floss in addition many people do this!

I would suggest if you are going to floss that you floss after rinsing with Closys and before tooth brushing. Of course, you would finish up after brushing with Listerine and then ACT rinse.

It is best to use this complete mouth care system just before bed and again in the morning you will love the way your mouth feels.

I hope this helps,
Dental Health for Everyone!
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