Physiological action of Xylitol

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Does Xylitol have two benefits such as: 1 Lower Oral pH so that acid forming bacteria are reduced? 2- Make it difficult for the acid forming bacteria to anchor to the tooth surface? Sounds like a great synergism. Do I have it right? JBL

Dear JBL,

Xylitol has even more benefits than that!:

Xylitol makes the mouth alkaline by stimulating mineral rich saliva to flow into the mouth (from glands in the skin of the mouth). The minerals in this liquid are able to enter the tooth and build into the structure of tooth dentin and enamel. This means teeth are re-mineralized each time you eat xylitol.

Result: weak areas harden, cavities can repair, sensitivity gets less and teeth begin to look brighter and whiter. Teeth become smoother so plaque is less able to stick to the surface

Harmful acid-producing bacteria absorb xylitol into their “system” but are unable to generate energy from it. They immediately stop producing acids when this happens. Harmful acid-producing bacteria “starve to death” and gradually the population of sticky, plaque-forming bacteria disappear.

Result: less acids formed in the mouth, less plaque on teeth, less chance of gum disease or cavities.

Healthy non acid-producing bacteria take over control in the mouth! Long-lasting protection from “invader” bacteria and a “resistance’ to tooth decay. Children have 42 % less chance of infection in their Eustachian ear tubes. Acid reflux symptoms appear to go away!

I hope this helps thank you for the question.

Dr. Ellie Phillips

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