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Dear Ellie,

I don’t know if you remember me. I had some erosion on the surface of one of my front teeth (plus other mouth problems). I started following your Complete Mouth Care regimen plus xylitol a few months ago. My mouth feels so much cleaner now, but the amazing thing is that the erosion on my front tooth is filling in. It was almost 1/4 of an inch long and maybe an eighth of an inch wide. I used to be able to see it when I was standing three feet from the bathroom mirror. Now, I have to get up really close to the mirror to see it. It looks like two layers have filled (grown?) in, and there’s one more layer to go. Actually, it’s less than a layer, since the edges at the top have filled in. I’m so happy about that! My gums seem to be getting healthier, too, although I think that will take a long time since they were not in great shape.

I have a question for you. I ordered the monthly Mouth Care package, but I was wondering if I could make substitutions in the package. I don’t use a tube of toothpaste a month, for example.

Well, that’s my update. I think your system is close to miraculous and plan to continue using it. Thanks again!

Carol in Texas

Dear Carol,

I am so glad to hear about your progress. Things will only get better!

You can tell me exactly what you would like in your package each month.
Some people alternate products we can ship less often. Let me know how best I can help you.

If you have too much toothpaste, maybe leave that out then if you need to add toothpaste from time to time just send me an E-mail.

Whatever works best for you,

Keep up the great work!
Dental Health for Everyone!
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Rochester NY 14623

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  • Anonymous says:

    Dr. Ellie or anyone else, Do you know of any antiseptic/antibacterial rinses that I can use instead of the listerine in step2 of the plan? I do not like listerine and I am looking for a substitute. Thank you.-Josh Myers

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Dear Josh, There are many mouth rinses on the market. I recommend a system that works – because one product works in harmony with the next.I recommend this system to help people experience an amazing clean mouth and improved oral health.But, for this system to work, you have to use the exact products in an exact way.Anything that is changed will affect the outcome. I cannot suggest any kind of substitute or endorse any other system.In my experience, nothing else works like this! When people tell me they do not like Listerine I suggest trying different flavors -even diluting it with warm water – to take the “edge” off the flavor.You do not have to rinse for very long – but rinsing promotes an improved response from step 3 – the ACT rinse. When searching different kinds of Listerine – never use Listerine without an ADA seal of acceptance on the label.This seal indicates that the product has been accepted as helpful and will not be damaging to your oral health. Certain Listerine rinses do not have this seal of acceptance – I would avoid them! Good luck and I hope that this is helpful to you,Ellie Phillips

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