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Dear Dr. Ellie,

Please tell me more about the endodontists you recommend. Is there anyone in the Los Angeles area? I am very concerned about getting my root canal done right since I have some health issues.

Thank you!!!


Dear ZA,

Thank you for your question.
I can advise on many things but root canal treatment is an area where clinical factors and X-rays are very important. I would select a specialist many general dentists do this work but it is extremely difficult to do well.

Root canals are shaped like “tree roots” and go down the root and spread out into little branches at the ends. It is very important to fill the empty space down to the very end. The most successful root canal treatments occur when the filling is applied under pressure. This means you get a “puff” of filling material that seals up to the very end of the canals. The technique is called a warm gutta-percha technique.

You could talk to endodontist offices on the phone and maybe ask about the number of visits they expect to need and techniques they use. I spoke with an endodontists here in Rochester and was told that they do not have any specific names to recommend for your area, although they have a recommendation for you of a specialist in Beverly Hills.

Remember, once the root canal is complete it is essential to have a well made crown put over the top of the tooth to seal it from the mouth end. This way the tooth is sealed at both ends and will not become a focus of infection in your mouth.

I hope this is of some help,
Ellie Phillips DDS

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