Dear Dr. Ellie: 

Hello, In all the promotion literature on Zellies gum you say “eat the gum” implying that it should be ingested. Do you mean that or the gum should chewed? If so for how long? 


Dear SM,

The process of chewing anything stimulates saliva to flow into the mouth which has benefit for oral health.

Xylitol-coated gum or xylitol mints create a sweet sugary solution in your mouth and around teeth.This xylitol solution has beneficial effects on teeth in the short term and especially if you eat a little xylitol every day, with frequency. This is why we recommend a piece of gum or a mint after each meal or snack.

Our gum is probably the purest form of chewing gum on the market, but I do not recommend you swallow it no need! It does not matter how long you chew the benefit comes from the sweet sugary solution of xylitol that dissolves off the outside of the gum.

Hope this answers your question!
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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