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Dear Dr. Ellie:

I have an 8 year who is has been coming back from her past 3 six month dental appointments with cavities. The dentist keeps looking at me as if I am giving her constant sweets and that we are not brushing. It’s not only embarrassing but disheartening! My daughter brushes morning and night and flosses and uses a rinse each evening. We are not a soda family (water and milk) and do not eat candy on a continuous basis. When I’ve questioned the dentist with “why” and “how” this could be happening given what I think to be better than your average kid care, the dentist did admit that she could have inherited soft teeth. I have heard of a hint of this situation from another dentist. Can Zellies help out in such a situation? Also, my daughter is allergic to peanuts and nuts. I was unable to find out if Zellies contain peanut and nut by products in its ingredients. Would you be able to confirm that it does not? Assuming Zellies could help, can you recommend a cleaning plan for my 8 year old? I appreciate any insight you have as we are on cavity #12!

A Desperate Mom

Dear Mom,

How frustrating and disappointing this must be for you and for your young daughter.

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Zellies can be a huge help to prevent cavities and tooth damage. I would recommend combining Zellies during the day (after every meal or snack) with ACT mouthrinse used morning and night after cleaning teeth (with a clean tooth brush and regular Crest toothpaste).

I do not accept soft teeth, weak teeth or “inherited bad teeth”. I call these excuses when it is difficult to find out what is causing the problem.

In 35 years I have never met anyone who has soft teeth, weak teeth or “inherited bad teeth”!
One girl came to me following her third root canal and crown, with broken front tooth enamel and painfully sensitive teeth thinking she had “thin” teeth. It took us a while to figure out the reason for the damage but we discovered it was lemons she ate them whole, sucked them and made lemonade all day long! The acid was eating away all of her enamel and causing bacteria to thrive!

Tooth damage is always caused by mouth acidity, often combined with a dry mouth ( because the natural protection from saliva covering and washing teeth is greatly reduced).Mouth acidity can be from acid-producing mouth bacteria [I don’t think this is your daughter’s problem] or from some hidden acidic food even acid reflux.

Some mouth rinses can be acidic (Listerine) and, of course, apple juice and citrus fruits.
Dry mouth happens if you cannot breathe well through your nose, and acid reflux is often associated with chronic ear infections in children.

I would love to discuss your daughters favorite foods and drink patterns of eating and sleeping etc. We may be able to figure this out over the phone and bring you some relief. It would be great to have a reason that you could point to and then work to protect her teeth. You don’t have to give up a damaging habit just know what it is and protect her teeth from the damage!

This is the really good news! NO matter what the problems are Zellies will help you protect your daughter’s teeth. The girl who sucks lemons still eats lemons, but she finishes with a Zellie fruit mint to take away mouth acidity! So simple delicious and effective!

Zellies are sweetened with 100 percent xylitol and there is no problem with your daughter’s peanut allergies. I would be happy to send you some samples for her to taste, and also arrange a time to chat on the phone. Later in the afternoon is usually best for me.

We must figure this out before all her precious new teeth erupt.
Please give me your address for the samples and then let’s talk!

Best wishes,
Ellie Phillips
Dental Health for Everyone!
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Rochester NY 14623

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