What’s in a Name? The Zellies Story

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Do you mind if I ask if Zellies is a product you created or one that you found and then now promote? Since it is called “Zellies” which is close to your name, I assume it is a product that you created.


Dear KH,

I have promoted xylitol for years.
As a dentist I would suggest that patients eat two mints (or gum) after every meal or snack.

My husband and I own a restaurant in Rochester, New York.
We have almost 70 employees most on minimum wage and without dental insurance.

The employees would watch me go to work as a dentist each day and when I came to the restaurant it was natural to talk about oral health. I realized they were at high risk for cavities (drinking soda, coffee and snacking on sugary things all day) so I suggested they put away their Altoid mints and eat xylitol mints instead.

I arranged for xylitol mints to be dispensed from a “gum-ball” machine in the kitchen area of the restaurant. It was the restaurant staff (as they put in a quarter to get a handful each day) who encouraged each other “Go on eat your Z-Ellies!”

The staff quickly became believers and after many years I began to package and develop the Zellies product line.

Funny how life works isn’t it!?

Ellie Phillips DDS

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  • mama says:

    I have been wondering about that too. Thanks for the explaination.

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