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Dear Dr. Ellie,

Is it the xylitol that counteracts the acidity of the listerine? I brush with seasalt since I figure it may work as well as the Listerine and is antibacterial, (without the taste). One concern I had about the Closys in your system was the chlorine. I attended a lecture by an MD about thyroid issues and she said that both chlorine and fluoride are bad for the thyroid because they attach to receptors in the thyroid that are meant for iodine and this can lead to hypothyroidism. And both the chlorine and fluoride can be absorbed in the mouth and I didn’t know how much of that happens in the program you use. I had also talked to a holistic dentist in a nearby city who used to recommend Closys and they have seen a better job of killing bacteria with the seasalt so recommend that patients use that in their irrigation systems instead of the Closys. Have you ever tried seasalt? It would be interesting to see if it worked as well in your program as the Closys does? I know we can get Closys here but it is nice to see that we can also get Zellies on autoship from you. 

“Salty” – NY

Dear S:

I am asked constantly about alternatives for my program different pastes, rinses other solutions. I cannot tell you about other products, how they work, or if they will make good substitutions.

My regimen developed during 35 years as a preventive dentist. I KNOW about these products and I use them myself every day. I have my children and family use them. I am comfortable with them used in the way that I suggest.

If someone tells you that one or two of these products are not good well you have to decide whom you will believe. I can show you my dental records and my teeth! (and any of my friends, family and patients). I have only had one dental cleaning in twenty years! I am very happy with my shiny, clean and healthy teeth and I have thousands of testimonials.

Sea salt It is alkaline but abrasive very abrasive. This may also cause or make worse sores in the mouth. I would be cautious with this.

You have to ultimately decide who you trust and follow your belief. I am only here to help I am not here to postulate theory.

I know that if you follow my system accurately your teeth will improve radically and get healthier. If you mix and match with other products all I can wish you is good luck!

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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