Is Xylitol Safe for Pregnant Women

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Are Zellies safe for pregnant women?


Dear JD,

Yes, xylitol was eaten during world war II by the population of Europe and is now consumed safely by everyone in Scandinavia. More recently xylitol has been used (since 1970)in a variety of studies with pregnant women.

My own patients who have consumed xylitol during pregnancy went full term with their babies (gum disease is linked to pre-term birth) and their babies are simply beautiful! These women are convinced that xylitol babies are special! These ladies found that their dental health was protected perfectly during their entire pregnancy they were all on the complete mouth care system.

Like everything else, moderation is good. You only need a teaspoon and a half of xylitol for dental health! (6.5 grams) I would limit consumption 10 to 15 grams a day this just seems sensible.

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