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Hello Dr. Ellie,

I just purchased a bottle of the ACT Mint Flouride Rinse and it contains no alcohol. When I was looking at the Cinnamon and Bubblegum flavors, they also said “Alcohol Free” but they list benzyl alcohol as the first ingredient.

They were not the restore ACT, but the regular. Does this benzyl alcohol affect your program? Is it better to stick with the Mint Flavor?

Thank you very much.

A Fan of the Plan

Dear Fan,

I have little good to say about any product sold to you for sensitive teeth most are overpriced and only a temporary “fix”. Most of these toothpastes contain a tin product. In my research about this particular product you mention, I read more about how much money the company should make from it rather than how great it is. They do compare study results with sensodyne a useless paste in my opinion.

The Complete Mouth Care system that I recommend works to heal sensitive teeth and many dental problems  all at the same time. I suggest only using the products and mouth rinses that I recommend morning and night. Xylitol during the day. Mixing or adding products usually messes up the end result if you decide to use anything other than Crest good luck!

I suggest to people try my system FIRST and then compare the product you want to try.
I believe you will select my system.

Once word of caution does this toothpaste stain your teeth? It would appear that this company makes tooth bleaching products.

There is way too much money in the business of toothpaste don’t trust the labels or salesmen.
I am a clinical dentist I have simply looked at thousands and thousands of teeth I am not connected with any of these companies.

My system will give you stronger, less sensitive and brighter teeth and they will improve over time.

I hope this helps,

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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