Receding gums

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Is there a particular toothpaste that you recommend? My husband has been told not to use anything too abrasive (ie. with baking soda) because he has receding gums.


p.s. he doesn’t like the taste of Crest, but he’s willing to get over it.

Dear J.K.

Baking soda and Peroxide appear to be the worst for gums (followed by anything for whitening or plaque control).

I always suggest my special system you will see amazing results if you follow the entire system (no substitutions allowed!) You should expect results within days of using it!

I would be happy to send you a sample of the Crest I recommend for you to
try. It is hard to find in the stores but worth the search don’t think that ANY other pastes will work as wel they don’t! Enamel is delicate and easily worn away. Crest is gentle enough for delicate enamel.

I would also recommend that your husband check his mouth acidity sounds like he either drinks a lot of acidic drinks or has some kind of problem like acid reflux or dry mouth. Eating Zellies will help both these conditions.

He should also use a rinse BEFORE brushing his teeth. Acid-soft teeth are easily worn away. This means that if you drink something acidic (soda, wine, coffee) and then brush your teeth you will wear away the soft enamel. If you have acid reflux or a naturally acidic mouth you will have the same problem.

I suggest using CLOSYS before you brush your teeth to protect them from
this abrasive damage. Log in for our newsletters we are discussing toothpaste and tooth brushing in the upcoming issues.

Thanks for your question,
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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