A Thank You

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Thank you so much for your response! I really appreciate all of your great information, and passion and I am looking forward to your book.


Dear AS,

I love to help people understand oral health.

For too many years the public have been at the mercy of oral health marketing. This would not be a problem if the products safely did what they claim to do! Unfortunately the products that claim to whiten often make teeth sensitive. Those for plaque control often make the mouth acidic and actually worse.

I can assure you it is really easy to have nice teeth even without dentist interventions!
I have only had one dental cleaning in twenty years just using my system.
(Let’s add up that savings (!!) plus I have five children with perfect teeth who rarely had cleanings……..and only one set of sealants (during the time I believed in sealants!) The savings for our general health cannot be calculated!

Please keep in touch and let me know if I can help you with any other oral health questions,

Ellie Phillips, DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
26, Corporate Woods
Rochester NY 14623

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