Xylitol Use

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Is it ok to use xylitol mints or gum after rinsing with ACT? I know you have said that you shouldn’t eat or drink anything after rinsing with ACT because the longer it stays on your teeth the better. But I was just wondering since xylitol seems to be so good for the teeth, if it was ok to use the mints or gum after rinsing. Thanks, JC

Dear JC

This will not do any harm of course I don’t have any clinical research to show if it makes a difference positively or not.

I do know some people with very dry mouths who suck Zellies throughout the night to help keep their mouths moist. They report excellent improvement in their oral health.

Obviously Zellies are useful when you cannot or will not brush your teeth.

I gave my kids Zellies at sleep over parties when they did not clean their teeth a convenient alternative for some situations!

I think you should try six months this way and six months without and see if your hygienist notices any difference (better or best!)

Please let me know the results if you do this!

Thanks for your question,
Ellie Phillips
Dental Health for Everyone!
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