Root Canals


What are your thoughts on root canals?

From what I have read, root canals are a bad idea. But what alternative does that leave? Extraction and an implant or dentures?

Any thoughts?

– DD

Dear DD,

I believe early ideas on “focus of infection” were close to the truth.
I believe that leaving a void where bacteria can multiply inside the body may cause reactions that are detrimental to health.
A good root canal does not leave such voids it fills them completely.

The problem is : When has a root of a tooth been filled properly?
I believe very few dentists perform the kind of root canal treatment that I want for myself or my patients.
The word”root canal” does not encompass all root canal treatments: there are good and bad end treatments and they all classify under this title besides it is very difficult and technique sensitive to do a good root canal treatment.

The root canal must be completely sealed and the root of a tooth looks a lot like a root of a tree with subsidiary canals leading to even smaller ones.
There are techniques of filling root canals that do work these techniques make sure to fill the canal under controlled pressure and truly “seal’ all these tributary canals.
I recently sent my daughter-in-law for such a filling.

In my opinion most dentists do not have the experience or the necessary instruments and materials to fulfill this artful science.
A poorly sealed root canal leaves voids for infection which may ignite a host of problems.
There is very little research (but many reasons) to be suspicious of poor root canal treatments.

Would I get one? Totally depends on who is doing it.
I know a dentist that I trust.

I send anyone who asks me, to this man and/or his wife ( both specialists in endodontics)
Would I suggest extracting the tooth – no.
Do you know that lack of teeth has been linked to dementia….food for thought!

Hope this answers your question,
Ellie Phillips DDS

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