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  • Dear Dr. Ellie:

    I am interested in your product. However, unlike most physician’s websites, Dr. Ellie does not list the dates of her graduations. Also, given the claims and being knowledgeable on genetics and heredity, I wonder how the claims are consistent with varying genetic predispositions regarding orthodontic health? Further, wouldn’t flossing, dental cleaning, along w/ using Zellies’ products be better than ONLY using Zellies, i.e. mutually exclusive?Regards, -j

Dear J,

  • I graduated from Guy’s Hospital UK with a dental License from the Royal College of Surgeons 1969 [LDS., RCS]
  • In 1970 I received a Bachelor in Dental Surgery [BDS] University of London.
  • I qualified to work in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland 1970.
  • I worked in a school clinic and private practice until I moved to the US in 1980.
  • 1980 the Eastman Dental Center , Rochester New York (Pediatric and Special Needs ).
  • Member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry 1984. Faculty at the University of Rochester, and at U of R Multidisciplinary Dental Office, Rochester.
  • Eastman Dental Center Graduate program( AEGD) General Dentistry 1998.
  • Director of the Eastman Dental Center Pediatric Outpatient Clinic until 2004.

    I put my money where my mouth is ( literally) in 2004 frustrated with what I knew about dentistry in the USA.

    I gave up my lucrative position with the University of Rochester to teach, write and share my knowledge of preventive dentistry with anyone who wishes to listen.

    I have the wonderful reimbursement knowing that thousands of people (who previously had dental problems and receiving poor information) now enjoy improved dental health and are empowered over dental disease.

    I do not understand your questions about genetics and heredity. There is research from the 1980s to show dental disease is a bacterial disease directly transferred to a baby through kissing and saliva contact.

    Many people think that bad teeth are “inherited”. This is bad information and gives no reason to fight back and control the disease.

    If people want to floss no problem BUT you cannot rely on flossing to control a bacteria disease. (If you had an infection on your finger would you use some thread to rid yourself of the bacteria? It would be better to use an anti-bacterial solution to dip your finger into. This is a similar situation in the mouth.) People rely on flossing to cure dental disease but it cannot.

    Many dentists who brush and floss have dental problems as they age. Their problems never improve. Patients of mine “freeze” dental time and enjoy dental health with or without flossing.

    I hope this helps. I am here to advise to the best of my experience.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Ellie Phillips DDS
    Dental Health for Everyone!
    26, Corporate Woods
    Rochester NY 14623

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  • Jim Lafferty says:

    Would you care to revise your statement that you graduated from Guys – in fact the qualification you list suggest that you didn’t graduate, but gained a license to practice by examination from the Royal College of Surgeons?YoursJimmylaff

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Dear Jim,Thanks for your message – I see the confusion in the listing on the blog – and I am happy to clarify and make changes to the entry. The LDS., RCS is indeed a License in Dental Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons. This was the only graduating degree that dentists in England took during the 1950 and 1960s. In order to be as qualified as possible I took the necessary exams to receive a BDS degree from the University of London the following year – 1970.Your question is valid and I hope I have answered it to your satisfaction. My life has been a checker board of exams. I have worked in the US, in Switzerland and in England. I discovered in 1968 that prevention of dental disease was possible.I made many career choices to avoid simply fixing and repairing teeth – I wanted to help stop the disease. Most people have lived devoid of the most basic help for preventing dental disease. My mission in life is to try to reach as many people as possible and offer them help – to save them from the trauma and expense of dental damage. In recent years I have been offered many lucrative positions but I prefer to continue my mission – to help the underserved, the phobic and those who crave dental health. I hope you can understand my passion and that my honesty is clear. I have no agenda except to respect my Hippocratic oath and teach the science that can make people well. Thank you again for pointing out an error in our typing.My apologies.Ellie

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