Good News

Dear Dr Ellie,

Ellie, good news. I went for my 6 month cleaning yesterday and they found “very little” plaque or calculus. This after several months of changing my routine slightly; I started pouring a little bit of Listerine on my Braun tooth brush before and after brushing and I’ve done better at eating Zellies after each meal. Remember we had a conversation back in June?? about the pocket they found around the back of my lower rear tooth (no. 31D)? At that time is was measured at 9mm. You suggested then that I “soak well” my back teeth with closys when I swish. Well I’ve been religious about doing that and yesterday it was only 7mm. My question to you is can this keep improving by following my routine as I currently am? What would make a pocket get shallower? Could my routine of twice-daily swishing, using Zellies and keeping my tooth brush cleaner be helping my gum pocket? I hope the answer is yes so I can keep battling this thing. I don’t want my gums cut. I still have not seen the Periodontist about it.

Also, my teeth don’t seem to be getting whiter despite the fact I’ve been on your system (although I started out doing it only once a day and rinsing with water between products) for a year now. Maybe it will take longer that a year? I only have coffee once a day.


Dear AA:

This is a fabulous e-mail.

People need encouragement to keep going sometimes.
Time is all it takes. Dentists will tell you “you cannot help any pocketing over 4 mm”. You can this system will prove this!

Yes and yes.
Keep gong and you will end up with 1 mm pockets like me!
I am thrilled for you great job!

Just twice a day and enough Zellies will work.
Three times a day is good but no more than this are needed.

Wait for the teeth whitening be patient you WILL see a difference by next summer .
I think the whitening is funny one day you wake up and your teeth look better: kind of all at once. It does seem to take about a year a tipping point happens.
I don’t know the chemistry but it must be something to do with crystals and tooth strength.

Again, I am thrilled for you.
Keep going and I want to hear the NEXT report from your dentist!

Happy Holidays,

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