Stained Teeth

Hello Dr. Ellie,

Tried the closys for about 5 or 6 weeks pre rinse plus the crest and listerine sorry to say I got stained teeth from it. Also chewed the Zellies. Did not use a floride rinse. I immediately stopped the closys. Now I have 3 front stained teeth.


Dear SD,

Using Listerine without the ACT is a problem. I would not recommend this ever.
Listerine left on your teeth will make them more porous and likely to stain.
Using a part of the program without the whole of it is NOT recommended.

I wonder why you did not use the fluoride I would be happy to try to persuade you to the entire system .

Fortunately we are a free people able to make our own choices.
I encourage everyone to try my complete system.
I would never recommend part of the system You need to use all the products for all the benefits.
Closys and Zellies work together and help kill off harmful bacteria of plaque.

Initially infected old plaque can shrink down to form a stain against the gum line ( particularly if you have had bleeding gums, or are a red wine, soda or coffee drinker or a smoker). This is really good news because this means the harmful sticky, aggressive plaque is disappearing and bad breath or gum disease( pocketing) will be healing. Don’t be too concerned about a stain line, since this is easily cleaned off teeth later.

It is far more important to heal your gums and keep your mouth healthier and stopping future plaque from forming.
One cleaning can remove this stain ( if it really bothers you). It would seem a good trade for a lifetime of healthy gums and teeth??

I wish you luck.
I am always here and happy to help anyone interested.

Best Wishes,
Ellie Phillips

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