Tooth Decay – Can it be reversed?

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I am 68 years old. I have caps on my front teeth. A cavity has formed on the tooth on the side of one cap. In order to redo this would be very expensive and I have no dental insurance. If I follow a rigid routine with your recommendations, can I expect to avoid this expensive treatment? { $6,500}

Thank you for any advice you can offer.

Sincerely, KR

Dear KR,

I would be happy to chat with you on the phone if this would help you.
Just let me know a good time to call and we can arrange a short consultation (no charge).

In a nut shell: my program is going to:
Slowly eradicate the bacteria that cause cavities
Help to strengthen all your teeth

The most important part of the program for you is eating enough xylitol each day every day, 6.5 grams at least.
The second most important part of the program is using the ACT religiously no substitute will work as well also try to rinse for as long as possible and after spitting it out try not to eat or drink for at least a half an hour ( longer if possible).
This dilute fluoride rinse will help to strengthen teeth for as long as a residue is in contact with your tooth.

The cavity will be cleaned by the other rinses but hardened by the fluoride and xylitol.
Every time you eat some Zellies you will help to strengthen the inside part of the cavity and the ACT works on the outer part.
Together these are powerful products at work.

I cannot tell you that this will reverse your problem (it may be too late and the tooth problem too deep) ……but it certainly won’t hurt, will help and may do the trick for you. Providing you have no pain I would suggest doing this system for about six months and then possibly have a second opinion on this toot maybe from another doctor??

Pain is really your guide.
If you have a little sensitivity to hot and cold but it goes away quickly this treatment will help.
If you have continuous pain that stays for minutes or longer you need to beware because the nerve may be involved and infected.
I don’t want you to end up with an abscess.

So as long as things “feel” OK I would start this as soon as possible:
Use the rinse program twice a day (maybe some fluoride rinsing more often, if convenient)
Zellies after every meal and snack

That is it!
Good luck and please keep in touch.

Dental Health for Everyone!
26 Corporate Woods,
Rochester NY 14623

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  • Anonymous says:

    Dr Ellie I have a small blackened area on the the upper right cuspid of my right tooth, just below the gumline. The only way I can describe the size of it is if you took a pin and made 3 dots right beside one another. I’m worried because this particular tooth holds a bridge that contains my 3 front incisor teeth. is there anyway to reverse this or treat this because I’m unemployed at the moment and it’ll be a good 6 months or more before I can find employment and get on an insurance plan.Your advice is greatly appreciatedMP

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Even with a picture I would not be able to diagnose what has happened to your tooth from a description.Without a diagnosis I cannot tell you if this problem that you have is reversible or not. It sounds as if this is a relatively new area that you have noticed. Have you changed or started using a new toothpaste? (Crest Pro Health or Sensodyne?) Did anyone recommend a chlorhexidine rinse to you?I ask, because these pastes and rinses contain ingredients that stain teeth. No matter what the reason for the blackened area, my system of oral care will arrest damage while cleaning and strengthening your teeth.My system basically “freezes” dental time until you have the insurance and dentist to look after you. I would advise you to use the Complete Mouth Care System with the mouth rinses used in sequence.Eat a little xylitol after every meal, drink or snack. I think you will definitely notice that your teeth feel cleaner. If tooth decay has caused the blackened area, this system will stop it from getting worse and may even reverse it. I wish I could tell you for sure what has caused this area.If I were you, I would get the mouth rinses of the CWT system and start as soon as possible! Good luck,Ellie

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