Xylitol Dosage for Children

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

Hello. I am wanting to know the correct dosage of Xylitol (grams) for my 6-year old and my 2-year old. 

Thank you for your time.

Dear CJ,

Thank you for your question. The first thing to know is that any xylitol will be beneficial! As you eat xylitol it works in three ways.

  • It makes the mouth cleaner and less acidic
  • It helps to build minerals into teeth ( making them stronger)
  • It wipes out bad bacteria.

If you want to clean teeth ( no toothbrush handy) just eat or swish some xylitol around the mouth to help clean teeth.
If you want to protect teeth from acidity ( apple juice or lemonade for example) eat or swish some xylitol around the mouth AFTER the drink.

If you worry about cavities and want to protect your kids make sure they eat or swish at least 6.5 grams of xylitol around their mouths each day.

You can eat or swish xylitol in any form that suits you, your kids, your lifestyle, your budget!

Granular xylitol and “Z” water Granular xylitol is the least expensive way to get the dosage you need to “clean” the mouth of bacteria. Each little packet contains 4 grams so two of these each day will be perfect. You can put it on your cereal, in drinks, on fruit or just eat it on a spoon. You can add it to a baby bottle with water ( half a packet would be enough in an 8 oz bottle) or put it into a sippy cup as a drink. Some mothers have called this xylitol in water “Z” water ( Z for Zellies!) and children love it. They know it cleans their teeth as is good after taking sweet medicine or before bed. You can wipe xylitol around the mouth of a sick kid with a cotton cloth ( or look into Spiffies a xylitol baby wipe)

Kid’s gum Zellies kids gum is small and sweet.
Kids love it and each piece gives them protection from acids ( after a juice drink), cleans their teeth and helps to wipe out bad bacteria. I would suggest using this together with some packets of xylitol. One packet will give 4 grams and 5 pieces of gum will give you the rest needed each day! You can always mix and match the products just keep a rough “score’ how many grams each day! (Zellies Inc. is working on producing a score card and a time line to help mothers and kids keep up with their scoring ready by next year!)

Zellies Mints and gum Any of the mints and gum will give you protection and anti-bacterial help. Each mint is half a gram and each piece of gum almost a gram. Your older child may like these, but the younger one is probably best with the previous suggestions.

Hope this helps,

More information about xylitol on our website

This page describes how xylitol works

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