Mint and Gum Ingredients

Hello Dr. Ellie, 

1. Could you please specify ALL ingrediences in your mint + gums.

2. What is your xylitol & the one you use in your mints & gums manufectered of ? re: corn, birch….. 


Dear JS,

Thank you for your interest in Zellies products.
All our products use 100 percent xylitol as sweetener and no artificial sweeteners at all.

The flavors are all natural and the only other ingredient in the mints is vegetable derived calcium stearate in the mints.

We manufacture the mints in the US and use pharmaceutical grade xylitol (which is top of the line). Mostly we use birch derived xylitol, although I believe some of the xylitol now comes from various hardwoods.

Here is a label from the mints.

All the chewing gum is imported from Scandinavia and was the gum used in the main studies to show the effectiveness of xylitol.

The gum has no added artificial sweeteners of any kind at all.

I hope this helps,
Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
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Rochester NY 14623

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