Braces, Remineralizing and Taking Care of your Kid’s Teeth

Hi Ellie,
We received your care package of supplies last week. Wow! You went all out and I really appreciate it. The children and I are all “religiously” taking care of our dental hygiene using your program. I have noticed already in a week, my son’s breathe has sweetened up considerably since beginning your system and eating Zellie’s. They love that they have to chew gum and eat tasty mints to help make their teeth better.

Both kids are in need of braces and might get them as soon as next month. The orthodontist has been gracious enough to work out a long term, low payment plan. Will braces affect their cavities that we are trying to remineralize? Will they be ok with the gum and everything we are doing? I am assuming it will be ok, but I’d rather ask and be safe than sorry.

Thank you so much again for the starter kit and I will try to re-order 2-4 weeks before we run out.


Hi NS,

I am so glad the package reached you OK.

It will be very important for your kids to continue eating 6.5 grams of xylitol each day while they are in braces.
I have been told that Zellies gum is soft enough and not as sticky as others people tell me it works OK with braces.
The mints would be an alternative.

The xylitol you use for dental health can be granular, gum or mints.
What you need to do is try to add up the approximate amount you eat each day (gum is 1 gram, mints are half a gram each….I teaspoon of granular is 4 grams)…..
You can safely eat half a pound of xylitol without any problem if you want to, but if you are looking for strong and protected teeth you need 6.5 grams as a minimum dose each day.
Having said that, it appears that if by chance you skip a day, a week even a month and resume again it will be without penalty to your teeth.
I don’t fully understand why xylitol is so generous to us, but research shows that where kids eating xylitol in school studies stopped during their vacation, this did not undo the good effects.

You will see cavities healing it usually takes 6 months to a year but your dentist should notice positive improvements in these teeth within six months.
Important things again:
Beware night time your teeth are at greatest risk while you are sleeping…always clean teeth before going to bed.

If you wake in the night and snack eat some Zellies before going back to sleep.
Rinsing with a dilute ( 0.05%) fluoride solution is enhanced when combined in a program with xylitol, Together they work in harmony producing the quickest results and the best repairs for teeth. Xylitol appears to work on repairing the deeper layers of a cavity and fluoride on the surface.

These great results may not be seen when stronger fluoride is used. Stronger fluoride is not better for teeth and personally I have never recommended strong fluoride gels like Prevident ( which is often recommended by dentists but NEVER recommended by me.) My suggestion is ACT fluoride or if you live in the UK the most similar rinse is called Floriguard.

Take care,
Good luck and keep me posted with the next dental visits please!

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