Please Don’t Mix and Match!

VERY IMPORTANT: The CWT System will only work if you use the exact products:

I get emails, calls and letters all the time with questions about changing, or subsituting our recommended products. I strongly advise against this!

I would never recommend Crest Pro Health ( or Sensodyne toothpaste) because both of them contain stannous fluoride.

Stannous fluoride is a tin based fluoride that has always been known to stain teeth.

My suggestion for adults of all ages is to use the specific rinses that I recommend on my website  in the specific order. (Closys Mouthrinse, Crest Toothpaste, Orignial Listerine, Mint, or Cinnamon Regular ACT)

I ONLY recommend original Crest toothpaste.

In fact ( as a dentist) I recently received a free case of Crest Pro Health.
I should have taken a picture of me taking it out to the trash and then posted this on my website…. to explain how I feel about it!

Instead of throwing out “Tartar Control Listerine” that is sometimes sent to me, I discovered it makes a good bathroom cleaner!

I say repeatedly: The products I recommend need to be purchased carefully and PLEASE do not select products that look similar, but are not the same.

My selection need to be used EXACTLY the way I describe …..or you will not have the results you want .

Many people are afraid to let go of their “dentist recommended” products and they try to integrate them into the system.

Many people try alternative toothpaste, baking soda instead of the pre-rinse, sensodyne, or a stronger fluoride rinse or Prevident gel that recommended by their dentist. The results I expect will not occur if you use this mix and match approach.

Substitution is creative but it will not give you the results you want so don’t blame me if your teeth do not improve!

Put your other products away ( I am sorry because I know they were expensive!!) and try my system the way it should be done just at least for one week.

Then ( if you want to ) try using any of those other products again… will quickly be back to my system…. I guarantee!

I always am open to questions and feedback. I love your testimonials and I am here to address your specific needs.

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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