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Dr. Ellie, I am new to the CWT rinse program and have a question that I can’t find the answer to on your sites. Is it possible to use a homemade baking soda rinse in place of Closys? I want to stay with the program (seeing results in just 6 weeks!), but just can’t fit the cost of Closys into my single mama budget! Any tips? Thanks! 🙂 D.H. Brighton, NY

Hi D.H.,

I would not suggest baking soda for a variety of reasons.
The main reason comes from years talking with patients and looking at the state of their teeth.

I have found that patients who use baking soda with/or without hydrogen peroxide, often (almost always) have severe gum recession.

They may not have bleeding gums, but their gums seem to disappear which obviously is not good for teeth!

I realize that baking soda is alkaline, but it seems too aggressive.
If anything, a salt solution would be my suggestion.
Dissolve a little sea salt into a tumbler of water and rinse it round your mouth salt is always a beneficial mouth rinse!

Personally I would advise you to treat yourself to some Closys. You can use just a little and it will work just as well as a larger volume!

I think it works out to cost about 50 cents a day but well worth it I would say!

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
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