Colloidal Silver Toothpaste

Dear Ellie,

I currently use a toothpaste based on colloidal silver. You should know> that colloidal silver is the worlds best atibiotic, used by the military,> and the only atibiotic available before the advent of penicillin. It has> the great advantage that bacteria cannot become imune to it.What do you think about using this in place of Crest?

Regards, JC

Dear JC,

Thank you also for the information about colloidal silver. There appear to be quite a few different products that can offer dental benefits, and this appears one of them. The secret to the system that I promote is that it has been built around a grouping of products that are very specific. They are specific because the combination of products interact positively with one another and the interactions take into account all aspects of dental health.The rinses that I recommend enhance each other and together appear to heal gum disease, repair cavities and build strength and beauty back into teeth. Finding this grouping was a labor of love and occurred over several decades as a clinical dentist interviewing patients and finding out what products they were using for their oral care (finding out that some products appeared to enhance while others seemed to weaken teeth). Obviously I have not had a chance to try colloidal silver toothpaste in the mix, but up until now, whenever I add a different product the mesh of this system breaks down and the final results are not the same. Notwithstanding, I will definitely look into this toothpaste because you never know! Again, many thanks for your information and interest. It was great talking with you and I hope we will meet again in the near future. Thank you,

Ellie Phillips DDS

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