New to the CWT System

Dear Dr. Ellie,

My sister introduced me to Zellies when I was visiting in Rochester last week. I bought the Zellies when I was there and just ordered from your website now that I’m back in Minnesota. I plan to follow your complete mouth care system and will let you know how it goes.


Hi J,

I am so glad that you are giving the system a try.

Make sure that you follow MY instructions and not the instructions on the packages…otherwise you will be confused.

The results will not be achieved if you mix and match the products with old favorites or ones that perhaps another dentist recommended.

These products are chosen with extreme care and are specific like pieces of a puzzle. They are the only products that will fit.

I am aware that there are rinses with stronger fluoride (but stronger fluoride is not more effective actually less effective) , sensitive toothpastes (these will stop the symptoms but they do not stop the problem) …. etc…and using these products will NOT enhance this system.
In fact, if you add Sensodyne toothpaste in place of the Crest, for example, you will NOT achieve the same results.

Give the complete system two weeks and then decide if it is worth the extra effort finding the products EXACTLY.

I offer all kinds of specials to try and help people stay on the system.
The next offer will be automated shipping each month to your doorstep!

Keep in touch and let me know if you have any questions.
I would be happy to chat on the phone ( no charge).
Just give me a couple of good times and a phone number!

Good luck and take care,
Ellie Phillips DDS
26, Corporate Woods,
Dental Health for Everyone!
Rochester NY 14623

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