Dental Sealants and Teens

Dear Dr. Ellie: 

I have just now learned about the harmful aspects of dental sealants. Unfortunately, I recently had sealants put on my 16 year old son’s teeth. Now I’m worried! Can I have these sealants removed? How, etc? Or should he just start using the recommended xylitol prescription that you recommend? Please respond. Thank you.


Hi C,

Please do not be fearful. I think more harmful hormone changes are generated through fear than any from sealants!I would not try to have the sealants removed ( most fall off anyway!)My position is to help children and adults AVOID dental filling materials all of them.

Often people think “OH! It is only a filling……/only a sealant” and they believe that this is going to fix everything. Now you have the sealants on your son’s teeth I would leave them. There are three important points:

1. Realize that sealants do not stop dental disease they just block up the crevices in the molar teeth so if your son is not looking after his teeth they will simply decay in other places and later need filling. Sealants are not any guarantee against tooth decay or future fillings they are just temporary “crevice-blockers”!

2. Try to have your son understand that dental disease is not caused by food but by bacteria that grow in an acidic mouth. Acidity can come from drinks like soda as well as acidic or sugary candy, snacks and even some sugar free or apparently healthy things. Eating 6.5 grams of xylitol each day will virtually eradicate the harmful bacteria that grow in an acidic mouth and cause cavities. If your son uses my suggested mouth rinses along with xylitol, his teeth will become smooth, shiny, healthy, brighter and whiter-looking. He could really impress his dentist at the next visit!

3. Use my program to give your family healthier teeth. If you do the suggested rinses and xylitol together it does not matter your age young kids will grow up with perfect teeth, older patients can stop tooth decay and start to have a fabulous new look after 6 months on the program. Even elderly people with damaged teeth can reverse many of their problems and tooth staining. I am making a DVD and pod-casts that will soon be on the website. We can let you know about them!Would you like me to send some samples of the mouth rinse program for your son? Would he be interested in this or not? Would you like to talk on the phone with me? (No charge) I would be happy to explain the system and answer any other questions or concerns. Just let me know a couple of good times to call (Eastern Time) and your phone number and we can arrange a telephone appointment. I don’t want you to worry let’s just go forward from here. Thanks for contacting me. I am delighted to help you.

Best Wishes,
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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