CWT System – Can I substitute flavors?

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I have been using your CWT system for 6 months and I love the results, but my husband doesn’t like the green mint ACT and won’t use that. He also hates Listerine so I just bought him the cinnamin ACT. Will he be ok using no Listerine and the cinnamin ACT? Is there any substitute for the Listerine maybe a cinnamin flavor of that too? I don’t know if the flavor of things matters or not to the effectiveness.Thanks and I love this blog.


Hi H,

The three original flavors of ACT remain my only recommendations no matter which new ones arrive in the marketplace!

You can interchange or choose from the ACT Mint, Cinnamon or Bubblegum ( this bubblegum one is labeled for kids but is a favorite with many adults and works well). I notice you have already chosen a good alternative for the mint ACT!

(I do not suggest the blue ( freshening ACT) nor ACT x2 ( also blue) nor the grape (purple) nor any of the “Restore” varieties these formulas are different. I also do not recommend store brands of this product.)

When looking at Listerine in the drug store find the ones with an ADA seal of approval on the front of the bottles.

You will find this seal on the original (brownish) the Cool Mint (blue) and the Citrus (orange). Everyone has their own personal favorite and many of the people who like the cinnamon ACT like the orange Listerine.

(Be sure not to pick up the plaque and tartar control Listerine nor the whitening one).

Hope this helps remember, I am happy to chat with anyone who has their doubts or questions about the products or system!

I appreciate your questions,

Ellie Phillips DDS

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