Look out for Imitators!

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I recently received your “Product Alert” Email about the Closys Bottle Leaking and the ACT flavors. Thank you so much for keeping us “Zellies Fans” and CWT users up to date and informed!


Hi J,

Thanks for the nice email I worry about sending too many email blasts out to people. I do not want to dilute my message, or be obtrusive, however I did feel that people should know about the ACT since I promote the use of the original and I do not want people to be confused by the less effective “Restore.” Be careful of the imitators: Trident gum advertises “Now with Xylitol” on its wrapper but the amount of xylitol is insufficient to help dentally.

The other artificial ingredients givpeople a lot of gastric problems bloating and gas etc
The worst thing of all is that the main ingredient in this gum ( unadvertised of course) is the artificial sweetener sorbitol.

Sorbitol causes mouth bacteria to mutate and thicken.
Sorbitol does not help rid the mouth of bacteria and for anyone with dental problems gum conditions seem to worsen.

Perhaps I need a “dental alert” about Trident!

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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