NEWS: Zellies opens a store on Amazon!

Good Evening Zellies fans and friends. We are proud to announce the opening of the new Zellies store on Currently we have 4 of our best sellers: the Listerine Pump, the Zellies mints in fruit and mint flavor and Zellies gum. We hope that you get a chance to go there and write a little review (if you have ever bought anything on Amazon you are eligible). The reviews that are posted will help us raise our ranking and profile on Amazon and bring more people our wonderful Zellies products. We thank you in advance – and don’t forget to check out the prices, we have the Amazon Zellies on a discount for our introductory period!

Thank you!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Dear Dr. Ellie –I have been using your CWT system for 6 months and I love the results, but my husband doesn’t like the green mint ACT and won’t use that. He also hates Listerine – so I just bought him the cinnamin ACT. Will he be ok using no Listerine and the cinnamin ACT? Is there any substitute for the Listerine – maybe a cinnamin flavor of that too? I don’t know if the flavor of things matters or not to the effectiveness.Thanks and I love this blog.Heather

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