Dyes in ACT, and other products

Dear Dr. Ellie

I looked at the ACT fluoride and the ingredients have artificial colors # 3 and # 5. I found this fluoride that is more natural. Wanted to know what you thought. It’s 0.04% sodium flouride.


A P.E.

Hi P.E.

I hate the color of ACT too!

Two problems with the Toms of Main fluoride rinse:
1. I personally think it tastes terrible ( an important factor for general compliance)
2. I am not sure that it has the same “wetting” ability of ACT.
It has always been interesting how store brands of fluoride ( Equate is a Wal-Mart “equivalent” of ACT color and all !!) but it does not work quite as effectively.
ACT has a complex structure and contains other ingredients that makes the sodium fluoride work particularly well better than any other fluoride I have ever found or tried.

If green is unacceptable then I would say you have a good alternative in the Tom’s of Main fluoride rinse.

My dream is to manufacture a dilute fluoride rinse with the effectiveness of ACT, yet without any of the colors or other awful additives.

I share your pain why do so many products have these colors and junk in them?
Thanks for keeping me updated with your product searches.

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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  • Rebecca says:

    Please follow your dream and make an ACT alternative and listerine alternative. I hate being exposed to the dyes. I LOVE your mints!

    • I’d love to have my own line and trust me, I never stop searching for a better way.
      I wish the products I recommend were dye free etc. It pains me to see people buying oral care products in stores – often products that are expensive but they will not help and may even damage teeth and gums. Shoppers think they are buying something good because the pastes and rinses look “natural” and marketing makes it “sound” as if they should work.

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