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Hello Blog Readers We are happy to bring you recent letters to Dr. Ellie from users of Zellies and the CWT System. Personal information is always removed from your letters before they are posted online. Thank you for helping us continue to educate people around the world about the benefits of xylitol and the CWT system.

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Just wanted to let you know that I have received your care package. Both my wife and I have started “The System”. I am not too crazy about the Listerine (gag) but am willing to keep the faith.

Thanks again for your help. Looking forward to speaking soon…


Hi T,

You can dilute the Listerine if you like.
What you need to know is the great antibacterial properties of Listerine.
The active ingredients are essential oils (very holistic) and the effect is specific and against the bacteria you need to fight away for oral health.

The acidity of this Listerine makes the next rinse (the ACT) work better.
So although you may not like the taste, a quick and even a dilute rinse between brushing and ACT is worth the GAG!

Make sure you update me with progress reports!

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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