Mercury and Fluoride

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I put a post on the about wanting to get my mercury fillings out which you replied to. I’ve been looking at your website and am very interested in trying your Zellie products. Could you send me a sample? What do you think about having the mercury fillings taken out? I notice you use fluoride. Do you really think it is safe? Why not just use a xylitol toothpaste? Thank you so much!

Sherry – CA

Hi S,

I wanted to get back to you with some answers to your questions.
You obviously have legitimate concerns that I respect.

I would never want to encourage someone into a routine that made them feel uncomfortable.
For people who worry about fluoride, I suggest finishing with a xylitol rinse.
Dissolving xylitol in water would work, or finding a xylitol rinse that tastes acceptable.
It would be the same with toothpaste.

My personal concern is to offer a system THAT WORKS for people everywhere.
Unfortunately when you start mixing products the chemistry that works so well in this SPECIFIC system – is broken, and the end results are not achieved.

The system I offer works for anyone; those with or without a dentist, men as well as women, and it does not matter their age, ability or state of their teeth. If someone with unfilled cavities started using my system, the cavities would begin to heal themselves and over the years they would dry up and rebuild back. The entire tooth may not be rebuilt but this system will stop the progression of disease and start the process of natural healing, improving their condition and not allow it to deteriorate- ever!

If you have a heavy bite, acid reflux, dry mouth with allergies, a high sugar diet, a soda drinking addiction – my system will give you the chance to avoid cavities, fillings and gum disease all on your own. It builds teeth stronger and more acid resistant. Without the ACT rinse you will stop disease but you will not rebuild more acid-resistant enamel.

I offer empowerment to the patient!

I know that using parts of the system with other specific ingredients will not work as efficiently.
I will not endorse a system that I do not know for sure will bring improved dental health.
If you were my patient and we clinically monitored the strength of your enamel and tried using different solutions and toothpastes we could work this out. Personally I have tried various alternative pastes but they do not produce the results that I expect in my teeth and have now become familiar with.

Does a minuscule amount of fluoride get absorbed? It is possible.
If so, 98% of that absorbed will be excreted under natural pathways.
I know that leaves some fluoride in the body……but I believe this amount should be assessed depending on an individual’s health status, personal total fluoride consumption….(do you eat yams that have a high fluoride content; fluoride is in tea, what drinks do you consume – natural fluoride in tap water, fish etc.) It would also depend on the state of their teeth.
Balance of the one against the other.
I balance the “potential” of any absorption against the health dangers from infection in the mouth, having fillings in the mouth, dental anesthetics or even the fear that is generated by dental visits.

I think most people are very confused about fluoride and the differences between artificially fluoridating the water and rinsing with dilute sodium fluoride. I would only recommend a routine that I practice myself and is used twice daily by my own children.

I AM concerned about fluoride, mercury and toxic poisons in food, sunscreens and water.
I have taken all the concerns and analyzed them closely. I am very comfortable with my system.

If you know anyone with dental problems they can be healed with this system.
I think that has worth.

I love my teeth, I love never needing a cleaning, knowing that I will never have a filling again and I love the feel of having healthy teeth and a healthy mouth.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have discovered this system for myself, my family and my patients.

I share it because I care about others and I want to help them.

By the way my concerns about the Mercola discussion were the following:

1. You need to stop the disease in the mouth before placing ANY filling in a tooth.
I would never fill the teeth of my patients without first putting them on a preventive program for six months.
If you fill teeth in a diseased mouth …..well, would you sew up an infected wound?

2. White fillings AND THAT INCLUDES SEALANTS carry their own bad dangers. you don’t hear about this in the USA because it is big industry. If you read or speak French there are a lot of studies on white filling materials the concerns are hormonal interference: men have lower sperm counts, women breast cancer concerns and children weight gain. You can look up Bisphemol (or Bisphenol) A on a Google search and find out more of what I am saying or even on Wikipedia.

3. I would not go and have a mouth full of white fillings put in my mouth. I wish Dr. Mercola would post this on his site to warn those poor people who are now so scared of mercury. If you are going to have a filling replaced look into Cerac fillings they are a plastic filling but they are formed OUTSIDE the mouth and then just glued into the tooth, so to speak!

I hope this explains where I am coming from,
Take care and please keep in touch,

Ellie Phillips, DDS

**The opinions expressed in this blog are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or dentist. Please note that everyone’s situation differs and it is important to seek advice and counsel from a physician who is familiar with your history and concerns. This blog has been created to offer a viewpoint and suggestions that can be used to create a dialog and educate both you and your medical caregivers.

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