Dear Dr. Ellie, 

My name is Jeni and my co-worker Maria was telling me that you spoke at her college and she received products that really helped out her teeth, and even made her cavities smaller. I was amazed at a product that could do this and was wondering if it was possible to get some trials for my sister. She is only 6 years old but she has 7 cavities already! I’m not sure if your products would be safe for her because she is young but if you could let me know whether you recommend her trying zellies products I would greatly appreciate your advice and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Hi J,

It is cavities that are not safe for your sister!

Xylitol is a naturally derived sugar from birch trees (kind of like maple syrup).
If your sister likes to eat candy she will like the orange ones and the raspberry gum.
Some kids prefer the mint gum but I have to warn you that the mint mints are strong like an Altoid mint. Sometimes children find them too strong although adults seem to favor them.

This is part one of the program: eliminating bad bacteria. I takes about 6.5 grams of xylitol each day to eradicate the bacteria from your sisters mouth that are causing the cavities.
If she is not really a candy eater the mints and gum may be difficult for her to eat enough.
In this case you can use the granular xylitol and just eat it on cereal or sprinkled over fruit etc.
You can even use it in cooking and bake it into cakes.

Part two : protecting teeth from acidity.

This really means eating some Zellies after every drink or snack or meal.
I wonder what she likes to drink it doesn’t much matter because almost all drinks ( even most drinking water) is acidic. Acids damage teeth and you want to eliminate acids from your mouth as soon as possible after drinking them.

If, for example, your sister drinks grape or apple juice ( acidic pH of 2.2) she needs some Zellies candies or gum immediately after each drink.
The Zellies make her mouth safe again to a pH of about 7.5.

Part three: strengthening teeth to resist acidity.
I would suggest rinsing after brushing teeth with ACT a dilute fluoride mouth rinse.
ACT comes bubblegum flavor which is good for kids although many like the mint also.
This should be done twice each day but definitely last thing at night with nothing more to eat or drink after.

So that is it.
Nothing to give up or worry about.

Just eat some xylitol after each meal or snack at least 6.5 grams each day.
Rinse with ACT after brushing teeth at least twice each day and definitely before bed at night.

Teeth are easily damaged in a dry mouth.
Does your sister have allergies or take mouth-drying medications?
It is always good to find out WHY she has the cavities look for acidity and for dry mouth.

If you give me an address I would be happy to send some samples.
I am also happy to consult on the phone if you would like someone to talk with directly ( no charge).
Let me know.

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
26, Corporate Woods,
Rochester NY 14623

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