Filtered Water

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I hope it’s okay to ‘bother’ you with such questions, but you’ve mentioned
(both in conversation in
your restaurant and during your recent seminar) that you filter the water in your home, to remove the most egregious ‘chemicals’ that are added to our water supply.

Can you recommend and/or refer me to any particular product and/or service company I’ve been buying bottled water, but you mentioned that many of those test ‘acid’…

Thanks, in advance, for any info you can send.


Hi J,

I love to be “bothered” with questions and comments you see it is my absolute love to converse with others interested in health. Reverse osmosis appears to give you the best water according to most of the information I have read.

There are some good websites with lots of information:
You may want to read more at and search “water filters”.

Alternatively I suggest looking at these sites:

We filter our water with the highest level filter installed by Anderson
locally in Rochester. We drink Evian and also Fiji water but little else!

Good luck and let me know if you find anything exciting in your search!

Ellie Phillips DDS

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