Closys and Citric Acid

This is a comment that was recently posted reposted up here so it could be read for all a very good question thank you Colin.

I don’t think CloSys II had the ingredient citric acid. The new CloSys has this ingredient and doesn’t seem to work as well. Do you have any thoughts on this?Thanks,CM

Hi C,

The ingredients in Closys and Closys II are exactly the same.
The product has a new name but absolutely nothing has changed with the ingredients. ( I just spoke to the company directly to make certain this is correct information).

For a little while the list of ingredients was inaccurate. They omitted to mention the citric acid component.
Citric acid is a stabilizer for Closys.
For completeness when they redesigned the packaging recently the company decided to add the citric acid onto the ingredient list.

Citric acid does not change the pH of the product and Closys remains neutral and pH balanced.

If you are concerned about Closys, my comment is to make sure you do NOT to add the favor vial included with each box.

Adding the flavor appears to inactive the product.
Also I recommend using Closys first BEFORE brushing teeth, and follow with Listerine and ACT used one after the other.

So, enjoy your Closys and be confident that it was only the packaging that changed!
Ellie Phillips DDS

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  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been using CyoSYS (toothpaste and oral rinse) for over a year now. Why do you recommend rinsing with Listerine and ACT?

  • Anonymous says:

    Dr. Ellie,I am working in an office that the new dentist wants to get rid of chx as an irrigant and mouthwash, primarialy because of the staining.Does chx (peridex)release o2 to kill anerobic bacteria in periodontal pockets?I would like to offer a sound alternative like xylitol , what would the protocol be?thanks

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    It would be a great to get rid of chlorhexidine as a mouth rinse. I personally do not like chlorhexidine for a number of reasons – but studies show it takes rinsing for 5 minutes to be effective – but more important patients have died from an allergic reaction to this rinse: Check this link to a recent death in the UK: suggest the use of my complete mouth care system for patients who want the ultimate in home care.In the office I am a huge fan of Closys PreRinse.Let me know if you need more details or testimonials from patients, dentists, and even cardiologists – about success stories with my Complete Mouth Care System: very much,EllieDr.Ellie Phillips DDSSolutions for Oral Healthwww.DrEllie.comDr

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