Which Listerine?

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Do all of the Mint flavored listerine’s work the same? 


Hi B,

On the subject of Listerine….be careful! Don’t use the plaque control
mint….only the Cool Mint.

Check Listerine bottles and make sure they have an ADA seal of approval. I believe you need to avoid the plaque control and whitening ones ( they are the ones that do not have a seal of approval on the bottle).

Listerine’s active ingredients are essential oils it is the oldest mouth rinse in the history of dentistry!

It is very effective …..really it is!……….BUT never leave Listerine on your teeth ……either finish with the ACT or some Zellies to remove the acidity and protect your teeth!

Thank you for your question

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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