How Many Times To ACT?

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I recieved your package of Zellies Mints and CWT Products over the weekend ! Thank you so much ! I started doing the whole procedure and eating the Zellies between meals and my mouth already seems cleaner and more refreshed! The cool fruit mints are so yummy! ) I may have to order some more because whenever I am craving sugar and I just pop one of those in my mouth!!

I just have one question, with the ACT mouth rinse, the directions on the bottle say use once a day but I wasnt sure if I should use it twice a day after the Listerine step.

Thank you,

Hi S,

I am happy to hear such good reports ( not surprised…..but definitely happy!!)

In my new booklet I alert people NOT to read the product labels! (for this very reason!!).
There is no logic why they would write this on the label.

The longer and more often you rinse with ACT the stronger, shinier and more beautiful your teeth will become ( and more quickly too!).

Most people actually start with three times a day using the entire routine because they are in a hurry to see results!

ACT works only while it is in contact with your teeth so quantity of the rinse is not important, but frequency and duration are….the longer the better.

This is why it is really good used last thing before bed and whenever you can devote the next half hour NOT to eat or drink anything to wash it away off your teeth.

Hope this helps…. and please keep in touch with progress reports! Thank you and good luck with your new oral health routine!

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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