Best Effect – Xylitol and CWT

Hi Dr. Ellie,

Your wonderful packaged arrived yesterday and I am soooo excited to introduce your system/program to the children.

The granulated Xylitol is the sweetest stuff I have ever put in my mouth!!! I would like to order 2 more lbs to send off with the kids when they come. Question….. Can I just take a spoonful or teaspoon full in the a.m. and another at bedtime, last thing to do before going to sleep after the cleansing? and that would fill my need? I want to run to this bag when I have a craving for something sweet it is soooo good. I read the most effective Xylitol is the 100% Xylitol found in Zellies Mints and Gum.

In the next shipment could you please enclose 4 more of your Clean White Teeth for Everyone????

I could get on a soap box with your Zellies, I can already see a better sparkle to my teeth. The cost of going to the Dentist is almost unaffordable for Seniors on fixed incomes. What a great thing you are researching/doing. A big Atta Girl for you!!!



I am so happy that you are enjoying this new kind of method for dental health.

I would suggest that although they both do similar things you should separate the “cleaning” system of mouth rinses from the effects of xylitol IN YOU MIND!!
They DO work together and in harmony complementing each other but they work DIFFERENTLY.

The three-rinse system is building up the STRENGTH of your teeth and cleaning them at the same time (kind of like “a trip to the gym” for your teeth!).

The xylitol is also building the strength and cleaning your teeth and mouth but on a more permanent and slower basis more like taking vitamins for your health.
[I want to make clear xylitol is NOT a vitamin and does not work from the inside but its effect is slow and progressive like a vitamin …..the more often and the more regularly you take xylitol the better the results. It is forgiving and if you forget for a while no problem…. just try to get back on track as soon as possible.]

You can eat a teaspoon of xylitol when ever you like but it does not have to be after the rinsing or even connected with the rinsing.
I usually recommend some form of xylitol after meals and especially after drinks that are acidic like lemonade or soda because it gets rid of the acidity.( Something to remember for people with acid reflux).

Hope this helps!
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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