Do I Need Gum Surgery?

Dear Dr. Ellie,

My dentist wants me to have gum surgery to remove excess gum on a crowned tooth that has some decay and he wants to replace. He thinks the excess gum will collect bacteria and doesn’t want to replace a crown with gums so vulnerable. (He is a conventional, mainstream dentist.) Do you have any suggestions or comments?


Hi M,

Sometimes “excess” gum will not go away and your dentist may be correct to do some surgery. However, if it were me… I would give myself four to six months to try and correct the problem “naturally” using my CWT system. Of course this is only if you do not have any pain and providing the condition does not seem to be getting worse. First: xylitol will effectively remove harmful bacterial everywhere in the mouth even ones hiding in tooth crevices! It takes some time four to six months to fully remove all the bacteria and have only healthy ones! Second: Closys rinsing will also help this process it seems to lift bacteria away from underneath the gums so that tooth brushing will be more effective. Third: the ACT rinse will harden up the decay and help repair the remaining tooth.I would be happy to talk to you some more about this if you would like me to call you or you can call me (no charge) we can arrange a good time if you like. Let me know because I think the system I suggest can really help you even to completely change your situation.

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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