Should I Have My Metal Fillings Removed?

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I saw the video that you posted on your website about metal fillings. I have three metal fillings. Should I have them removed? Also I have noticed (and have had for a while) some pitting in my molars. I am following the CWT and Zellies program really well, so I hope I am ok. I saw a dentist about 6 months ago, although he was a new one for me he gave me a clean bill w/ no cavities… (in fact it was pretty funny they couldn’t find any plaque to scratch off so it was a short visit…YEAH ZELLIES!) would you recommend just staying on the program or should I have the little pits checked again…I hate to have anyone drill my teeth now that I know what damage is done in the name of “fixing” a tooth!

THANKS Dr. Ellie!

Hi M,

I have metal fillings too.
I think the amount of risk taking them out may outweigh the risk of leaving them in.
White fillings are NOT the answer plastic ingredients may affect hormones.

There is no going back really.
I think you have to go forward.

Protect any fillings that are already there make sure they do not break down, leak etc.
Realize that when a filling is removed this is a dangerous event.
Fight to prevent any more fillings in your mouth and tell your children to protect their teeth …..for their GENERAL HEALTH!

This movie should make people think that:
The concept of “Oh it’s just a filling”…is outdated
Protecting your kids from fillings and sealant is very important only perfect teeth naturally!
Patients should enquire (and try to find out) from their dentist if any cavities are forming ( early) so that they have time to REMINERALIZE them and AVOID any kind of filling.

Also, unless a tooth was causing some discomfort I would keep on the program and wait and wait and wait…. to see if it EVER causes some discomfort!
When in doubt do nothing!

Take Care,
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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