Toothbrush Sanitizers

Dear Dr. Ellie, 
I notice that sometimes you can find toothbrush sanitizers at a better price online if you buy more than one, or buy the combination of the home unit and the travel unit. When we last spoke you only mentioned the travel unit, but do you think that home toothbrush sanitizing units are worthwhile? and if so, do you recommend the home unit or only the travel unit? 

Thanks. All the best,

Hi M,
I have a family unit for home (it holds 4 brushes) but I gave my kids the travel units because they travel a lot. I think they are both are fine products we use VioLight. Recently my daughter came to visit and I noticed she brought her travel sanitizer I was very proud! I think that it is VERY important to keep your brushed sanitized and to replace them every few months. To answer your question they work in a similar way and are equally effective. It just depends on how many brushes you want to sterilize at one time: my husband insists on two brushes (one for night and one for morning don’t ask me why!) and so we needed the four-holder for the two of us!You have to let me know as you notice improvements in your teeth I love positive feedback letters!

Take care, Ellie

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