Zellies – And the Word About Xylitol Spreads Across the Country

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I just wanted to send a few words to tell you that I really enjoyed the Zellies I received from a friend, who lives near us here in Keowee Key. I am very interested in your product and need some more information. Does Zellies help whiten the teeth? I just had my teeth cleaned by a dentist and she suggested I put baking soda on top of the toothpaste. It seems to work well…but I am concerned about removing enamel, though I was told this would not happen. What are your thoughts? Please reply when you can. 


Hi J,

I am delighted that the word about Zellies is now spreading around South Carolina!

Here is a little more information: the special sugar in xylitol can give tremendous benefit to people who have tooth problems.

Gum disease and cavities are caused by harmful germs that easily get hold of your mouth and damage teeth no matter how much you floss/ brush/ or go to a dentist. This germ grows in an acidic mouth and produces its own extra acids.

Zellies are made from xylitol which is derived from the wood of birch trees. This special sugar eradicates these harmful acid-producing bacteria.

It is a slow process, but if you eat a few zellies each day for 6 months ALL the harmful bacteria will disappear from your mouth.

Acids or any kind make teeth soft and porous, and porous teeth stain easily because the stains go into the little openings ( pores) in the enamel.

The safest and best way to whiten teeth is to limit the amount of acidity in your mouth.
When you eat Zellies it takes away acidity and in this way protects your teeth.

You can eat a Zellie breath mint after meals, snacks and drinks to protect your teeth from any acidity.

Beware of soda, coffee, beer, wine, lemonade etc… and even things like Listerine are all ACIDIC .
If you leave something acidic on your teeth it will make them soft and porous.

Baking soda makes your mouth non-acidic and lifts out stains ( just like cleaning your sink).
That is good once or twice but using baking soda regularly can unfortunately damage gums and make them recede, making teeth sensitive I would be very careful with baking soda.

My recommendation is to use Closys to clean your teeth , ACT to strengthen your teeth and Zellies to protect your teeth all day from acidity.

In fact, I suggest three mouth rinses (used one after the other) each morning and night.
These rinses are used to clean, protect and strengthen your teeth to make them strong and shiny ( which makes them gleam with health!)

I hope this is useful advice.
I would be delighted to chat on the phone if that would be helpful to you.

Thank you for your questions.
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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