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Dear Dr. Ellie,

On your Closys II mouth rinse webpage (see below) the product picture is of a “Closys” bottle and not “Closys II” bottle. Is the mouthwash being offered “Closys” or “Closys II”.

J B.

Dear J,

Closys II was the original name of this mouth rinse(which happens to be one of my most favorite mouth rinses for helping achieve dental health).

The new “Closys” is the very same rinse that was in the Closys II box. There is no difference at all.

This rinse was designed by a periodontist who ( according to the folk-lore of dentistry) used to go around telling people that if they used this rinse, they would not need a dentist!

My advice is to use Closys as a PRE-Rinse ( before you brush your teeth ) and not as a finishing rinse (as it used to say on the old box).

ALSO I believe it is VERY IMPORTANT NOT to add the flavoring since this seems to inactivate the rinse. So enjoy Closys – but use it before you brush your teeth and without the flavor.

Also I am often asked about Closys toothpaste. It is not on my recommended list. I prefer the old fashioned Crest toothpaste ( one of the very few still made in the USA). I never suggest whitening, sparkles or plaque control products they just add more chemicals to your mouth with few or no benefits possibly even negatives.

Take care and thanks for your email.

I am here to answer any questions to the best of my professional knowledge.

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
26, Corporate woods,
Rochester. NY 14623

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  • Colin says:

    I don’t think CloSys II had the ingredient citric acid. The new CloSys has this ingredient and doesn’t seem to work as well. Do you have any thoughts on this?Thanks,CM

  • We have changed the name, but not the product. CloSYS toothpaste contains the active ingredient, stabilized chlorine dioxide, which has been shown effective in killing gram negative bacteria associated with the bleeding and inflammation of gingivitis and periodontal disease. CloSYS toothpaste also does not contain sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), the foaming agents commonly found in toothpastes that has been shown to cause canker sores. Crest toothpaste’s active ingredient is sodium floride, effective against dental caries.My father, Dr. Perry Ratcliff, never said that using CloSYS oral rinse would substitute for regular professional care. In fact, he was a strong advocate of quarterly visits to the dentist as having a more positive preventative result than the traditional twice yearly visit to the dentist or hygienist.CloSYS toothpaste and oral rinse are typically used as a system. The toothpaste debrides accumulated plaque enabling the oral rinse to more effectively oxydize volatile sulfur compounds that enable infection and to kill the oral pathogens associated with periodontal disease.For more information regarding the need and importance of preventing periodontal infections, not just preventing dental caries, visit our website: http://www.closys.comJames L. Ratlciff, Ph.D.Rowpar

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Mr. Ratcliff, First I want to thank your company and your father for formulating and producing this wonderful product.I am thrilled to have been able to introduce Closys to many people who may otherwise have never heard of or seen this mouth rinse. My mission is not to stop people from visiting their dentist, simply to help patients visit their dentist with healthy teeth– and avoid unnecessary dental treatments!This way everyone enjoys dental visits! I believe that there are many people with periodontal problems who do not go to dental appointments for personal reasons: some cannot afford treatment and others may be too fearful. For these people there are few methods available to prevent the development of periodontal disease, especially when pocketing has progressed beyond the 4 mm level. I believe that your product Closys, used before brushing or in a Waterpic device can bring the hope of healing and a possible cure to such people. I know patients enjoy the empowerment that comes from having control over dental health. I know that people who use your product as as a “pre-rinse” in my Complete Mouth Care System often reach a level of dental health they have never experienced before. So keep producing your fabulous product and please accept my apologies if I gave the impression that dentists are not needed.Thank you for your comments and interest, Ellie Phillips

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