Zellies and Xylitol – is there "too" much?

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I know that 13 or so zellies a day provides the right amount of xylitol needed, but is there any downside to having a whole lot more like 40 or 50 zellies in a day? My teeth are looking and feeling great since I started using Zellies a few months ago and now have family and co-workers hooked on them too…

Thank you, Laura L.

Dear Laura,

I am delighted that your teeth are feeling good wait until you have been on the program for a year!

My family and my staff have been eating way more than 13 Zellies each day for about ten years!
Everyone I know eating Zellies has seen nothing but benefit.
Your body makes 15 grams of xylitol naturally every day ( equivalent to 30 Zellies) and that makes me feel very comfortable about a quantity in this range.

FDA has given it approval for “unlimited” consumption (not that I would pay a lot of attention to FDA!…. After all, they OK’d Splenda!)

I know that a quarter pound of xylitol a day has been deemed fine even recommended for people with osteoporosis- some doctors believe it has beneficial effects on aiding the absorption of calcium. In any case, during World War II in Europe, people ate xylitol in place of sugar and used it for baking etc. It was because of this that the many benefits were discovered .

How much sugar/carrots/fruit should someone eat?
It is an interesting question and I don’t know if we actually have a real answer because there are too many variables.

Before I started promoting Xylitol I paid a professional researcher to look through everything anyone ever said about xylitol. He was paid to find negative information for me I think there was a bonus for each bad comment!

Dogs should not be given xylitol to eat (but it is used an ingredient in some dog toothpastes).
In the 1970s Redbook magazine published an article talking about gastric problems from the “artificial” sweetener xylitol. This turned out to be an article written by an oral care company that trying to stop xylitol was coming to America (because it would interfere with their business). In my opinion “Sorbitol” is the “artificial” sweetener we need to worry about.
People should avoid sorbitol in any foods or drinks- and learn not to confuse xylitol and sorbitol.

I would say, “enjoy your Zellies”!

Take care and have a great weekend,
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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