Success Story!

Greetings Dr Ellie,

I haven’t written to you for a while. The update is the Zellies treatment is working. It’s been 2+ months now and the caries in questions has healed or remineralized successfully. If you remember I had two cavities one on my premolar which has healed but the blackness on one edge on my tooth. What I mean from dark spots is one get dark spots before the tooth collapses and form cavity is not healed. Do I expect the off-white sealant type formation fill over ?

Kind Regards,

Hi Sara,
Great news! Are you doing the Closys/ACT mouth rinse system and Zellies? Do you have access to continue to use these products? I will send you as much information as I can – we are going to make a downloadable seminar (free) and also a downloadable seminar booklet to explain the system. Again, I am happy about your progress. I have a dental book coming out later this year where there will be more information and success stories such as yours.

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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