Remineralized White Spot Lesions and Bleaching

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I was just wondering in your experience, how successful is the bleaching of remineralized white spot lesions on teeth? After finding some staining between my front teeth I have been to the dentist who has given me some tooth mousse to use for a few months. I don’t really want to get veneers but if bleaching can remove most of the stain I might just get them bleached.


Hi J,

White Spot lesions when they remineralize generally are white.
I wonder what color are your stains?

White spots are demineralized areas and you correctly talk about remineralizing them.
Now you talk of bleaching them: be careful! Bleaching methods usually cause demineralization!

I would suggest nothing more than my three step system.
I think that using Closys as a pre-rinse, and ending with ACT fluoride rinse would be in your very best interest.
You can go to the website to find out the entire system.

If you combine this system with xylitol/Zellies products you will not only remineralize, strengthen but protect and whiten your teeth all at the same time.
You need to worry about why your teeth demineralized in the first place and work to gain control.

I hope this helps! It is really a lot easier than it may seem!

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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