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Dear Dr Ellie,

Hello, I see the 150 pieces of raspberry gum for kids. My question is how much does a single piece of gum weigh, or how much does the 150 pieces of gum weigh? Also the same question for the other flavor gums if the size/weight is different. What is the required serving for the gums as well, one piece? two pieces?

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Hi Tom,

If you are trying to have the “dose” of xylitol necessary for changing the oral bacteria to make them healthy you will be looking to consume about 5-6 grams of xylitol each day. Zellies products are all made with 100 percent xylitol so you get good ‘dosage’ in every item.

In kids gum there is 0.5 grams in each piece.
In adult gum there is 0.7 grams in each piece.
In each Zellies breath mint there is 0.5 grams

You can mix and match the way you consume xylitol to give the total of 6 or more grams (a safe amount is up to 100 grams a day).

You can even buy it as granular form and use it on cereal or to bake cookies or cakes!
It all counts towards the daily “dose” of about 6 grams.

Time Line:
As you start eating 6 grams of xylitol daily:
Harmful bacteria in your mouth absorb the xylitol ( thinking it is sugar!)
Harmful bacteria cannot process it
They keep trying.
Harmful bacteria use up all their energy and disappear (it is called the futile cycle).
In Five weeks:
All the harmful bacteria will have gone from the plaque on teeth
In Six months:
All the harmful bacteria will have gone from the saliva, skin of your tongue and mouth
After one year:
Any new teeth that grow in your mouth( or any teeth have been cleaned by a dental professional) will now only have healthy bacteria on them.
Only healthy bacteria will be in your mouth.
Only healthy plaque will form.
The next dental cleaning you have will be different your dental professionals will comment how good your teeth look!
After two years:
In an otherwise healthy mouth these benefits will continue ( even if you stop eating xylitol)
If you have an acidic mouth or high risk factors for cavities, continue eating xylitol to protect your teeth and remineralize them.

Good luck and let me know if this was your question!
Thanks for your interest in Zellies products,
Ellie Phillips DDS

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