How Much Xylitol Do I Need?

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I want to tell you that I love the Zellies! I could eat them all day and that is why I have a question. How many Zellies can I eat per day or should I eat, to get the benefits of the Xylitol?

Thank you, and I appreciate your response.

M W.

Dear M,

There is one calorie in each Zellie mint and because the carbohydrate content is not utilized a Zellie Xylitol Mint is rated with zero NET carbs. Xylitol is considered very healthy and is recommended for athletes because it helps to preserve muscle fiber and break down fat.

You can eat between 12-20 delicious Zellies each day and harmful germs in plaque will disappear in about 5 weeks.

Some people when adding Xylitol into their diet for the first time, report a little diarrhea. I recommend cutting back on the Xylitol and then adding a few more each day if this happens. Besides that there are no other reasons I know of not to take as many Zellies as you want!

Take Care

Ellie Phillips, DDS.

Note: The same effect can be achieved with 6.5 g of any type of Xylitol (although some are better for you for other reasons). This can be 8-9 pieces of Xylitol gum, 13 Zellies or 1 1/2 t. granular Xylitol.

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  • Jim Board says:

    I tried this and to tell you the truth I did not like the mint ones, they tasted wired and alittle stale. No thanks

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Jim – We have the fruit flavors and are coming out with other flavors soon. If you don’t like the mint, I would be happy to send you a sample of the fruit now. Just email me your address at In a few months we will have some other flavors too–but the point is to get the Xylitol, so whether you mix granular Xylitol in your cereal, or try Zellies, or even another brand, the added Xylitol is what is important to your oral health.Thank you for your feedback.Ellie Phillips, DDS

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